Chase the Eclipse with Alaska Airlines
A once in a life time event is less than 2 months away. This event is not the ending of the world or a war, but a total eclipse of the sun passing over America. Please remember when viewing this event to wear eye protection.

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EVA Air Extra Baggage Offer
The old saying you cannot take it with you no longer applies on EVA Air flights. Their latest promotion makes it possible to bring up to 220 lbs of luggage with you on your flight. Best of all, the extra luggage is purchased as a 10% discount.

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Supreme Court Approves Travel Ban
The American people finally win over the foreign loving liberals with the decision by the US Supreme Court invoking the travel ban. Finally there will be time to investigate foreigners who want to come to America before they arrive at our shores.

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Three New Codesharing Agreements are in Effect
In the past week there has been three codesharing agreements signed by six different airlines around the globe. With these in place more passengers will be able to take advantage of their frequently flier programs on more flights.

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Wizz Air has New Low Cost Routes
The low cost air carrier out of Slovenia is Wizz Air. Recently this LCC has expanding by deploying new routes in Europe and to the Middle East. The ticket prices are extremely low but the amenities are also few.

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Melbourne to Townsville now Direct Flight by Tigerair
To help Australians get around the country is the LCC Tigerair services. This low cost air carrier keeps their ticket prices low by not charging passengers for amenities. For those that desire additional service, a fee is associated with them.

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Qatar Airways may Move Hub out of Middle East
One side of the Middle East Crisis is claiming it is about stopping terrorism, but the evidence makes it look like it is more about business. What should be remembered, only the arms dealers make a profit in time of war, not nations.

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The New Air Borealis for Eastern Canada
For most places and regions of the world, the formation of a monopoly would be worrisome to many. The formation of Air Borealis has not raised any red flags so far due to the owner's commitment to the people in the area where they are flying too.

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